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Atmos Energy Employee featured wearing hard hat promoting safe pipelines.

Pipeline Safety

Investing in safety, from the ground up.

Atmos Energy is committed to being the safest provider of natural gas. That's why we're investing approximately $2 billion a year to modernize our pipeline infrastructure. This is how we provide you with safe and reliable natural gas service for generations to come. 

System Safety

Like most utility companies, Atmos Energy has installed pipeline over several decades and used different materials - coated and uncoated steel, plastics, and cast iron. The nation's distribution system is also made up of a variety of materials. For example, 40% of these pipelines are steel, 58% plastic and 2% other. These materials are also used throughout our system, and some are being modernized through pipe replacement programs. 

Our system includes more than 75,000 miles of distribution and transmission pipelines, as well as smaller “service” pipelines that connect directly to homes and businesses. We bury much of our pipe underground, where it is away from weather and activities that commonly cause damage and leaks so natural gas is there when you need it.

We operate our system safely and in full compliance with state and federal regulations. We do this by monitoring our system, repairing leaks, and operating an emergency hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond and investigate reports of natural gas leaks. 

Employee Safety

To perform their work well, Atmos Energy personnel involved in pipeline inspection and improvement are highly trained. Field employees spend about one-fifth of their time in the classroom plus get training and education on-the-job. They also get extensive training in the safest ways to work and in keeping customers and communities safe.

Public Safety

We have robust safety outreach efforts through our public awareness campaigns, community involvement, and continued relationships with regulators, city leaders and first responders. We ensure our employees are trained to keep safety as our highest priority in every customer encounter whether it is face-to-face or through our contact centers. It's how we invest in homes, lives and generations.

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