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Atmos Energy Urges Louisiana Customers to Act Fast If You Smell Gas

March 10, 2016

Media Contact: Ann Hayward | 318-669-0567

MONROE, La.– As severe storms and heavy rain continue to blanket Northeast Louisiana; Atmos Energy is urging residents to act fast if they smell natural gas or see bubbling water in flooded areas. "The safety of our customers, employees and communities are our first priority.” said Ann Hayward, Atmos Energy manager of public affairs. “If you smell gas you need to leave the area immediately and from a safe distance call 911 and our emergency hotline at 866-322-8667.”

Atmos Energy crews are working diligently to respond safely to each and every leak call they receive. While natural gas pipelines are mostly underground, they can be damaged by uprooted trees and shifted foundations during a storm. Also, fallen limbs and other debris can damage gas meters and associated piping near homes and buildings.

Below are recommended guidelines associated with natural gas before and after severe weather to ensure safety:

  • If you smell gas, immediately leave the affected area and from a safe location call 911 or Atmos Energy’s 24-hour emergency hotline, at 866-322-8667.
  • Do not try to identify the source of a leak. Do not use a cellular phone or anything that might cause a spark, such as a generator.
  • If flooding occurs at a residence or business and the gas appliances are under water, do not try to operate the appliances. Contact Atmos Energy or a qualified service professional to conduct a safety inspection.
  • If a natural gas meter is damaged or a gas line is exposed, immediately leave the area and call the Atmos Energy 24-hour emergency number at 866-322-8667.
  • Customers are encouraged to know where their natural gas meter is located. Ensure that the gas meter is visible, and the area surrounding the meter is free of trash and debris. Mechanical equipment used to clean up after the storm may damage the meter if it is hidden.
  • Before removing downed trees, customers should Call-811 to have the location of underground utility lines marked. Gas service lines could become tangled in the roots of downed trees.
  • Atmos Energy customers experiencing a natural gas outage or service interruption should contact the company's 24-hour customer service number at 888-286-6700. Customers’ gas service will be restored as quickly as possible once the area is deemed safe.


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