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Closeup picture of a woman's hand putting towels in a natural gas dryer.

Why Choose Natural Gas?

April 27, 2016

DALLAS - Over 70 million homes and businesses use natural gas as their primary fuel source throughout the United States. Natural gas provides an abundance of benefits: it's efficient, clean, and reliable.

Whether you are cooking your favorite meal or needing hot water in an instant, natural gas provides the comfort and convenience you deserve. In fact, don't be surprised if you pass a natural gas vehicle on the highway as many companies continue to convert their fleet to run on natural gas.

Natural gas is also economical. You can save over 55 percent by using natural gas instead of electricity. And even more good news - the American Gas Association predicts natural gas prices will remain affordable for many years.

Why not choose natural gas? Over 70 million people have, yet if you still need convincing, watch the video below to explore the possibilities natural gas offers for today and tomorrow.