Virginia Tech Replaces Coal with Natural Gas | Atmos Energy

Virginia Tech Replaces Coal with Natural Gas

April 27, 2016

BLACKSBURG, Va. - Atmos Energy employees recently laid more than three miles of additional pipe to serve the Virginia Tech campus. An additional 3,000 feet of plastic pipe was also installed to provide natural gas to the Virginia Tech power plant. This is a significant step in Virginia Tech’s efforts to make their campus more “green,” as the administration choose now to fuel the school with natural gas instead of coal.

Virginia Tech is a beautiful campus with many historical landmarks, many trees, and meticulous landscaping. This project took extensive collaboration between our employees and college officials to ensure the installation of new pipelines would preserve the campus.

“The pipe maneuvered around and through the Virginia Tech campus while classes were in session,” says Engineer David Swecker. “Preserving the school’s beauty while efficiently laying the pipe was challenging, but was accomplished with great effort and care. Hats off to our employees for doing a great job.”

Employees in a yellow vest with a wrench turning a natural gas valve on

Pictured: Atmos Energy service technicians installing at large-capacity meter on the Virginia Tech campus.