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Nonprofit Spotlight: Greeley Fire Department

Nonprofit Spotlight
August 1, 2022

The Greeley Fire Department (GFD) protects and serves 64 square miles throughout Greeley, Colo., and is focused on creating and maintaining a safe and healthy community. Greeley firefighters provide world class emergency services, deliver fire safety education, and provide standby duties requiring first aid or fire watches.

Through its Fueling Safe and Thriving Communities program, Atmos Energy focuses on fueling honor and thanks for its community heroes. In partnership with local first responders, Atmos Energy team members offer natural gas safety training, promote home safety guidance to residents, and support victims of natural disasters.

“For Greeley firefighters, the concept of heroism goes beyond what some may think of as traditional firefighting duties,” said Kurtis Paradisa, Atmos Energy manager of public affairs. “They are our hometown heroes, and we are committed to supporting them with the necessary resources to keep our community safe.”

In support of the GFD’s heroic men and women, Atmos Energy’s Colorado team members have contributed to:

  • Provide new trench rescue equipment, personal protective gear, and innovative life-saving technology;
  • Support firefighter training and community safety programs that teach home safety tips and natural disaster preparedness; and
  • Enhance search and rescue efforts for victims of avalanches, wildfires, and whitewater rafting accidents.

Atmos Energy believes first responders are an integral part of keeping communities safe, so we pay tribute to their selflessness year-round by providing a hearty lunch, a late night dinner, or an early breakfast for firefighters working around the clock.

In addition to fire emergency response, the GFD is involved in:

  • Hazardous materials response: The Hazardous Materials Response Team is made up of GFD personnel who have received specialized training as hazardous materials technicians. The team is the designated emergency response authority for hazardous substance incidents in all areas of Weld County except on highways, where the State Patrol has jurisdiction. Team personnel also are available to provide hazardous materials response training to private and public agencies upon request.
  • Emergency medical response: GFD Personnel are certified by the State of Colorado as emergency medical technicians and paramedics providing both basic and advanced life support. UCHealth is contracted with the City of Greeley and provides Emergency Medical Transport Services for the Greeley Fire Department.
  • Technical rescue response: The Special Operations Team is trained and equipped for technical rescue techniques - high and low angle rescue, trench, and confined space rescue. These individuals will respond on the aerial apparatus to all incidents where their special skills may be needed. In addition to the ropes, ladders and other specialized equipment used in technical rescue, GFD has purchased infrared imaging cameras. This device allows firefighters to "see" through smoke to find fire victims and hot spots, greatly facilitating rescue and fire extinguishment. These cameras will be available to the Technical Rescue Team, and on GFD's other rescue units.
  • Water rescue response: The Dive Team responds throughout Weld County and on request to surrounding areas to assist in water rescue and recovery situations. Team personnel are trained and certified as Public Safety Divers and by the International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists - in addition to their regular duties as firefighters. Dive Team personnel also conduct training sessions in dive rescue and water safety to outside agencies upon request.
  • Wildland response: The Wildland Fire Team consists of 25 firefighters who are certified through the National Wildland Coordination Group to fight wildland fires. Each team member annually recertifies their qualifications by attending a mandatory refresher and completing an arduous pack test. The main objective of the team is to provide an increased level of experience and safety to wildland fire and wildland urban interface incidents occurring within jurisdiction or during aid requests to neighboring fire agencies. Sharing their increased knowledge with the remaining department personnel is another team function. Team members also deploy locally, regionally, and nationally to aid in fighting large wildfires, which has proven to be the most significant method of gaining experience and increasing qualifications. The team operates two Type 6 Engines, an initial attack wildland engine with a minimum pump capacity of 30 gallons per minute, for response and deployment.

“Our firefighters are men and women dedicated to saving lives and protecting our community,” said Brian Kuznik, Greeley Fire Department chief. “Atmos Energy is not only a generous partner but continually demonstrates respect and gratitude to our heroic men and women who take immediate action when disaster strikes. We are thankful for their partnership and continued focus on fueling honor and thanks to our community heroes.”

To learn more about the Greeley Fire Department, please visit their website.