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Innovative Technologies Provide Clean and Efficient Energy

April 20, 2021

Atmos Energy partners with customers and suppliers to apply innovative technologies that deliver sustainable solutions for a clean energy future, and the transportation of landfill gas is an important element of our strategy to responsibly reduce methane emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agencymunicipal solid waste (MSW) landfills are the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions in the United States, and methane has a global warming potential more than 25 times greater than CO2. Reducing methane emissions can achieve significant near-term benefits in mitigating global climate change, so MSW facilities represent a unique opportunity to capture, convert, and use landfill gas as a renewable energy resource.  Landfill gas producers need transmission companies like Atmos Energy, and our relationship with River Birch landfill demonstrates how we are helping companies transport their RNG to market.

RNG Process_Earth Day

The River Birch landfill is a 920-acre facility outside New Orleans that processes MSW emissions into approximately 4,500 Mcf of RNG every day. Since 2010 we have collaborated with River Birch on quality specifications and, during non-peak demand periods, to blend pipeline-quality natural gas with RNG from the landfill and then sell the gas to a power generator and local distribution company. Following a planned expansion that will connect it to the nearby Jefferson Parish landfill, River Birch will soon be the largest facility in the country producing pipeline-quality gas.  

We also work with partners like HAMM Waste Services, a landfill gas manufacturing facility in Lawrence, Kansas, that produces 1.5 million Mcf of RNG from 130 “wells” on capped areas of the landfill. After passing through a series of filters and separation processes, additional scrubbing is done by a thermal oxidizer using natural gas provided by Atmos Energy. The “cleaned” natural gas meets Southern Star Pipeline standards and is marketed to fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles in California, helping to offset nearly 5 million gallons of gasoline in that state. 

To learn more about Atmos Energy’s commitment to protect and preserve our environment, please down load our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report at, and visit to participate in Earth Day 2021.