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Atmos Energy Sponsors Habitat Homes in Colorado and Texas

June 4, 2021

Thanks to a $100,000 gift from Atmos Energy and the Schlessman Family Foundation, Greeley-Weld Habitat
for Humanity recently broke ground on a new zero net energy (ZNE) home in Evans, Colo. The recipient is a
single mother of four children and one grandchild. A ZNE home produces the same amount of energy it
consumes in one year. This is achieved by incorporating efficient appliances, better insulation, and solar
technology, reducing a family’s utility costs by as much as $2,000 per year.

This is the 14th Habitat home Atmos Energy has helped build in Colorado. 

“We’ve enjoyed supporting Habitat for Humanity for decades,” Altieri said. “To be able to build a home that is on the cutting edge of energy efficiency – and which we hope will raise some eyebrows throughout Colorado – is exciting and humbling.”

This newest home is designed with renewable energy that is also affordable through the strategic use of
natural gas. Building energy-efficient homes is a current homebuilding trend, Altieri said, but many focus on
electric only.

“All-electric homes are expensive and there’s a question of reliability,” she said. “Homes that rely on one source of energy production to operate could fail if that energy source does. Resiliency, reliability of the grid and of every energy source matters; which is why it’s so important to look at a diverse energy portfolio to move us forward. If we’re going to move into a clean energy future, certainly here in Colorado, it’s going to take all kinds of energy to get us there, specifically when you’re talking about affordability.”

“Atmos Energy has been a longtime partner, and their donation will provide the difference in costs between a standard home and the zero net energy home,” said Habitat Executive Director Cheri Witt-Brown. “It’s a game-changer for our families. Sometimes the utility cost is the difference between if they can afford the home or they can’t. If we can take that off the table and integrate it into the building product in the future, this will help more families receive affordable, stable housing.”

Southwest of Evans in Cortez, Colo., Atmos Energy donated $65,000 to Habitat for Humanity of Montezuma
County, to help build its most energy-efficient home to date, with monthly utility bills averaging $20 a month.

Farther south in Amarillo, Texas, Atmos Energy is donating $40,000 to deliver natural gas services to six
new Amarillo Habitat for Humanity (AHFH) homes in the newly developed Lee Green’s Addition of the El Barrio
neighborhood. The company is installing natural gas service lines and ENERGY STAR appliances that are
more efficient.

“A partnership between Atmos Energy and Amarillo Habitat for Humanity is such a wonderful opportunity for us to work together to do what we do best – provide safe, affordable homes,” said Habitat Executive Director Alason Moorhead. “We are delighted to debut our first Habitat neighborhood featuring all-natural gas appliances.”

“Atmos Energy delivers efficient and reliable natural gas while continuing to invest in safety, innovation, and environmental sustainability,” says MPA Michael Gonzales. “We believe in making a difference in our communities, and we are proud to partner with AHFH to provide warm, efficient, and affordable homes. Focused on driving a lower carbon footprint and reducing costs, Atmos Energy will install ENERGY STAR certified natural gas appliances that protect the climate.”