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Atmos Energy Celebrates Earth Day 2021

April 22, 2021

On April 22, 1970, some 20 million Americans came together to celebrate the environment and raise awareness about the harmful effects of pollution.  Led by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, the first Earth Day was a catalyst in creating the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Environmental Education Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act, protecting millions of men, women, and children from disease and death and hundreds of species from extinction.  More than 50 years later, Earth Day is still celebrated every April 22 with a focus on educating children, families, and leaders about emerging green technologies and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems.

Atmos Energy celebrates Earth Day every year by joining its 1,400 communities in planting trees, enhancing neighborhood parks and local green spaces, and sharing our commitment to deliver clean, efficient, and innovative energy solutions to our customers and communities. 

As we shared this week, our efforts to protect and preserve our environment are not limited to Earth Day, as we continually innovate and invest in processes that reduce our environmental impact:

Just as important, our target to reduce methane emissions in our natural gas distribution system by 50 percent from 2017 to 2035 is an essential component of our environmental sustainability strategy. Atmos Energy joined Our Nation’s Energy Future Coalition (ONE Future), a voluntary alliance of leading companies across the natural gas supply chain focused on technology and policy solutions to drive continual improvement in the reduction of methane emissions.  Joining ONE Future includes a commitment to measuring, reporting, and tracking key emissions metrics in accordance with ONE Future protocols, reflecting our continued commitment to responsible, sustainable practices in our natural gas distribution businesses and pipeline and storage operations. 

To learn more about Atmos Energy’s commitment to protect and preserve our environment, please download our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report at, and visit to participate in Earth Day 2021.