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Our Clean Energy Future

Natural gas is part of our clean energy future.

Choosing what’s best for our environment and energy that’s clean, affordable and reliable is easy with natural gas. Natural gas is efficient energy that also partners with renewables to provide dependable and clean energy for today and generations to come.

Natural gas is affordable and efficient. 

Using natural gas directly is almost 3x more efficient because 91% of natural gas produced is delivered to customers versus only 34% of the energy used to generate electricity is delivered to customers. 

The American family saves on average $874 every year when using natural gas to heat, cook and dry clothes when compared to electric.

Natural gas is clean and reliable. 

Residential natural gas accounts for only 4 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

On average, a home with natural gas can produce 30 to 40 percent less CO2 emissions than an all-electric home.

Did you know that Atmos Energy...

  • has reduced emissions by 13.7 percent while replacing 3,500 miles of pipelines
  • is committed to reducing our systems’ methane emissions by 50% by 2035
  • partners with leading energy industry associations to address environmental and safety opportunities, and evaluates and integrates emerging technologies into our business