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Natural gas plays a vital role in achieving our low carbon energy future.

As America’s most abundant and affordable fuel, natural gas supplies almost one-fourth of all the energy used nationwide. Natural gas is a key driver of our economy and essential for thriving families. It takes a diverse mix of energy sources working together to ensure that we have affordable, reliable, and efficient energy that we can count on today and for generations to come.

At Atmos Energy, we are lowering emissions and reducing our environmental impact by implementing innovative technologies and sustainable processes, in addition to providing customers with solutions to save energy and emissions. 

In 2021, we developed a comprehensive environmental strategy focused on reducing our environmental impact from our operations, fleet, facilities, gas supply, and customer end-use. We are implementing operational practices and solutions to reduce carbon from our operations through: 

  • Ongoing system modernization work
  • Reducing third party damage to our system
  • Improving monitoring and measuring of methane emissions
  • Evaluating and implementing innovative technologies
  • Investing in research and development
  • Expanding programs to help customers lower carbon emissions

Here is how we are executing on this strategy:

  • Modernizing our system and on track to reduce methane emissions from our distribution system mains and services by 50 percent from 2017 to 2035. 
  • Transporting renewable natural gas (RNG), which is produced from methane captured at farms and landfills. Municipal solid waste landfills are the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions in the United States, so those facilities represent a unique opportunity to capture, convert, and use landfill gas as a renewable energy resource. 
  • Utilizing innovative methane capture and recompression technologies to significantly reduce natural gas venting and flaring during routine maintenance.    
  • Building LEED certified service centers that are healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green facilities. We installated our first natural gas-powered fuel cell at one of our Dallas, Texas facilities.
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art gas cloud imaging technology with continuous leak detection to monitor, control, and reduce methane emissions. 
  • Continually raising awareness of safe digging practices and calling 811 before digging to our customers, communities, and excavators to reduce damage to our system. 
  • Offering SmartChoice rebates for customers to purchase high-efficiency natural gas appliances, smart thermostats, and weatherization materials in our Mississippi, Colorado, Louisiana and Mid-Tex divisions. 
  • Partnering with the EPA’s Methane Challenge and Natural Gas STAR programs, which are voluntary initiatives that encourage oil and natural gas companies to improve efficiency and reduce methane emissions.  
  • Participating in Our Nation’s Energy Future Coalition (ONE Future), a voluntary alliance of leading companies across the natural gas supply chain focused on technology and policy solutions to drive continual improvement in the reduction of methane emissions.  
  • Sponsoring the Low-Carbon Resources Initiative (LCRI), a joint project of the Electric Power Research Institute and the Gas Technology Institute designed to accelerate the commercial deployment of low- and zero-carbon technologies in the energy sector for economy-wide deep decarbonization. 

Affordable housing starts with affordable energy. Households that use natural gas for space and water heating, cooking, and clothes drying will save an average of $1,041 every year compared to a similar all-electric home. 

In the past decade, American businesses have saved $500 billion by using natural gas.  

Source: American Gas Association

It takes all energy sources to maintain a reliable energy system that is there when you need it. The natural gas delivery system is resilient, dependable, and provides continuous energy during the most extreme weather conditions.

Natural gas is efficient energy that helps you save energy and reduce carbon emissions every month.  Households that use natural gas for space and water heating, cooking, and clothes drying have about a 22 percent lower carbon footprint than a similar all-electric home. 

Natural gas plays a critical role in supporting renewable energy by supplying reliable and affordable fuel when solar and wind energy are not readily available.

Did you know that when used directly to fuel homes and businesses, natural gas is 2.5 times more efficient than using electricity from the grid?

Source: American Gas Association

Maintaining access to all types of energy helps to ensure reliability, keep costs affordable, and drive economic growth. Protecting energy choice is a key driver of our economy and helps families thrive.

Nearly 187 million Americans and 5.5 million businesses use natural gas because it is affordable, reliable, safe, and essential to achieving our low carbon energy future. 

Source: American Gas Association